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Weistek Presents the Latest Products at Formnext 2017


Powered by TCT, the third Formnext Frankfurt International exhibition and conference on the next generation of manufacturing technologies, one of the most important additive manufacturing technology exhibitions, will be held in the exhibition center of Frankfurt, Germany from Nov. 14th. 2017 to Nov. 17th. 2017. The scale of this Formnext Frankfurt exhibition is enlarged, for its exhibitors are more than 480, and the number of exhibitors is increased to 70%, compared to last year. Various industries and visitors from all over the world all get together at Formnext to search the development frontier and trends of products as well as explore the development trends in the futhure market.

Weistek, one of the leading innovator and manufacturer of desktop 3D printers and solutions providers, participates and demonstrates the full product line of 3D printers, printing fliaments, modeling software and education service platform at this Hi-tech 3D printing exhibition.


3D Box, the newly launched product by weistek, with technical and elegant appearance and its printing speed is up to 450mm/s. The printing process is controlled by a 3.2inch color touch screen panel. 3D Box uses HS and PLA filament with maximum build volume of 200mm x200mm x 200mm and 0.1mm thickness and is easy to use either online or offline printing.

Minitoy, a kid-friendly 3D printer, is designed with colorful appearance and all mechanical and heated parts hidden away, to prevent accidental burns or injuries, it’s a STEM-ready product and ideal choice for creative education. The One-Touch-Print function can turn anyone into a maker, through PC, Mac, tablet ,phone with MiniToy app to design your own models, then download the finished models and print. Additionally, It’s enough room for your child to print larger obejects than other kid-friendly 3D printer for MiniToy’s build volume of 170mm x 130mm x 140mm. And the printing speed is up to 300mm/s with flexible filament.


The printing speed of IdeaWerk Speed is 5 times faster than maker 3D printer, and it can be operated by a 3.5inch touch screen panel to select file and printing models. The precision of IdeaWerk Speed is of 0.18mm layer thickness by advanced algorithm to improve the quality of printed objects with up to 450mm/s printing speed. It uses environmental-friendly HS filament for no toxicity, no chemical pollution and no off-odour. The build area is up to 150 x 150 x 140 mm and is easy to use either online or offline printing.


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